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Get the best from your body

Summit Pilates is here to help you feel happy and pain-free with movement, conquer your physical fears and feel an increase in ability and strength that you can apply to everyday life. 

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Pilates Classes on offer

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Pilates Matwork & Stretch classes

These are an open level classes focusing on a full body balanced workout or stretch & release.  

Attending matwork classes regularly, you’ll likely notice an increase in strength, balance, coordination, and ease of movement.
Stretch classes will increase natural flexibility, release muscle tension and strain, and improve mobility in the joints.

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video library

Make any time Pilates time!

Practice from wherever you like, whenever you like, at your own convenience,

all you need is your mat. 

You have a choice of

Matwork Pilates or

Stretch & Release classes.

 (If a prop is required, it will say so in the title so you can prepare).

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Private & Clinical

If you have a specific goal, or prefer personal coaching, this is for you. Your goals become the session focus, to get quick results.

You may also consider these in case of Back or Neck pain, Shoulder or hip bursitis / impingement, Plantar fasciitis, Knee or hip replacement rehabilitation, Prolapse rehabilitation.

A message from Rachel
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I’m just a person who feels REALLY good in my body after doing Pilates…

I knew I loved Pilates and it had something very special about it - so I set about finding out the key to what it had to offer. Now 15 years into Pilates I have so much to share with you!
After training with many different Pilates education bodies, and teaching within studio’s, workplaces, and running my own studio, I became a Pilates Teacher Trainer, coach and cheerleader for 100’s of incredible Pilates Instructor students.

In 2021, I stepped out of that  education role, to pursue my own passion, teaching you! And so Summit Pilates was born.


Summit Pilates runs with a small team of Pilates Instructors, hand picked by myself for their unique skill, friendly personality, and thorough understanding of Pilates, as well as ability to modify for prenatal & injury.

I personally have a special interest and ability in assisting people gain back full function in joints, reducing pain, and helping to build strength and capability in the body to make daily living much easier.

Let’s do this!


On-demand video library

Make any time Pilates time!

Practice from wherever you like, whenever you like, at your own convenience, all you need is your mat. 

You have a choice of  Matwork Pilates or Stretch & Release classes.

**  Please note: If you are prenatal, have osteoporosis, or any other condition that may affect your ability to safely complete an on-demand class, please contact Rachel PRIOR to taking part in your class, to discuss the best options for you.

** By purchasing an on-demand video, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of Summit Pilates. T & C's are available to view in the footer of the website.   

On-demand access PRICING OPTIONS:

1. Purchase one class for $12.50 (available for 24h.)  Click the video below for this option.

2. Subscribe to the video channel for unlimited access to all Matwork Pilates and Stretch classes, for $12.50 per week ($25/fortnight).  You may unsubscribe at any time.

On-demand videos

Clinical and Private Pilates sessions

Summit Pilates can help you get the best from your body, whether you prefer to work one on one for specific goals, or to help you get out of the circle of chronic pain, these sessions will be the perfect choice for you.

What is Clinical Pilates?​

Clinical Pilates is a method of exercise used for rehabilitation after injury or surgery. Some of the benefits of Clinical Pilates include improvements in: posture, flexibility, muscle strength, control, balance and core and pelvic floor strengthening.

When can it help?

Clinical & Private Pilates sessions can help improve or overcome the following conditions, and more:

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Shoulder or hip bursitis/impingement

  • Plantar fasciitis 

  • Knee or hip replacement rehabilitation

  • Prolapse rehabilitation

What clinical clients have to say
"In February 2021 I had a total knee replacement and went to Rachel for rehab, I was absolutely amazed how quickly I progressed with my recovery. Rachel totally understands all the clinical requirements needed for rehab following joint replacement. So totally amazed and grateful for all your help and I would totally recommend her to anyone."
Tim B.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or would like to discuss your circumstances privately.

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Corporate Pilates classes

We come to you!

We offer group pilates  classes at your workplace.

We can come to you if a suitable room/clear space is available.  If preferred, we can source a studio or hall nearby for your group which may come at an extra cost.

Alternatively we can also run the classes online via Zoom.

LENGTH: Between 30 and 55 min classes to suit your needs at an pre-agreed day and time on a weekly basis

PROPS: Participants will need to bring their own mats for hygiene reasons, all other props required for the session are provided.


CLASS STYLE: Choose from Classic Matwork Pilates, Matwork Mobility (lower intensity), Power Pilates (higher intensity) or Stretch and Release classes.


COST: Classes can be paid by the workplace or split between participants. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements and receive a quote.

Get a Quote

Preferred location(s):

Thanks! We’ll get in touch shortly.

What clients are saying

From Elisabeth M.

Rachel's caring nature and her sense of humour keep the classes flowing easily. As a result, I have seen a huge improvement in my body strength and suppleness. Thank you Rachel, I am looking forward to many Pilates classes with you in the years to come!

All Group Pilates Classes

Weekly schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















To organise a private or clinical Pilates session, please contact us to organise a suitable day and time.

Get the best from your body!
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